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So, here are some weird things that have happened/are happening:

1. I am attempting to buy a very domestic of me.
2. I have successfully lived with a man for one year. And we still like each other...
3. I have accepted that I don't like my parents.
4. Heath Ledger dies, and I, for some reason, am very saddened by it.
5.I have started a very rigorous workout regime...this includes the cessation (for now) of carcinogens (those being cigarettes, and not The WEED...hehe) and alcohol for the most part.
6. I am thinking of very "adult" things to do lately such as having my teeth whitened, investing in stocks, learning another language, and reading memoirs.
7. I took my tattoos to the wrist...yeah, not so "adult".
8. Strange words have entered my vocabulary lately such as "equity", "mortgage". "tenure", "contracts"...
9. I have an addiction to Starbucks...corporate fucks
10. I sing songs about hamburgers.
11. I go to bed early, and get up before the alarm (7am)
12. I am thinking of joining my work's soccer's allowed, soccer is European, therefore, it is not an obnoxious sport like football, which bores me to no end. Plus, I would get to wear awesome knee socks!
13. I get along with co-workers, and have been told by bosses and people under me how much they enjoy working with me.
14. I have a genuine love of my job.
15. I am dating a YOUNGER guy with LONG HAIR who likes METAL, but is the sweetest man I have ever met, and loves me for who I am as a person...even during the mood swings and arbitrary madness.
16. I am in a healthy relationship.
17. I am staying home on a Friday night to work on report cards.
18. I have finally grown the fuck up.
19. When I see recent pictures of myself, I see this weird thing in my eyes I have never really seen before...genuine happiness

This is scary.
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