maiamayhem (maiamayhem) wrote,

Day Three

Yep, today is hard! I woke up feeling completely drained of all energies. The scale says a total loss of 7 pounds so far though. Thats some good incentive.

I'm really weak today, and have had a mild headache throughout the course of the day, and I am STARVING to death. I have been dreaming of Bostom Market creamed spinach, and begged Myke to go get me some, but he wouldn't, and I didn't press him that much because I really want to do this, no matter how hard it is.

I try thinking of foods I don't want to eat, such as raw tomatoes, beets, and other icky foods, but my mind ends up going back to the foods I love. I fantasize about pizza, spaghetti, tacos....sigh, I need to stop, or I'll chew my hand off. hehe

I heard today was the hardest for food cravings, and I'm almost done with it. Tomorrow should be the day I begin the real detoxing, so it should be fun...

Until tomorrow. Staying strong!
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