maiamayhem (maiamayhem) wrote,

Day 4

I'm so hungry I want to cry. :( It's sad. Its so very sad. I WANT SOME DAMN FOOD! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

OK, so that was overly dramatic. But this is so hard. It's almost impossible because my body is telling me that I need food. My stomach growls and churns all day long, and that stupid lemonade is not helping. I guess it is curbing my appetite a tiny bit, but not having anything at all is really difficult. Plus, eating is such a social thing that you miss it once it is gone. When you are hanging out at home, it is so hard to not cook dinner, or eat together with your mate. Ugh. Today's craving has been for cheese omelets, fried chicken, and club sandwiches. Any anything else that is edible. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. This is so hard! I want to murder someone.

Myke won't let me cheat. I'm not trying very hard anyway, but he is being a good support. I'm going to try and get over tonight. I hope tomorrow is better.

I must have been crazy to do this. LOL.
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