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Day One Complete (well, pretty much)

Ok, everyone. Here I am. I finished the first full day of the Master Cleanse. I know it is only 5:17pm, but I usually never eat after dinnertime anyway, so I will go ahead and call this a successful day.

I made the lemonade with agave nectar instead of the Grade B maple syrup which I like a LOT better. It tastes like regular lemonade, well apart from the cayenne pepper part. The Salt Water flush this morning had mee peeing out of my butt for hours, but call me a weirdo, i enjoyed getting everything out. You feel lighter, and it feels like you are starting to get all of that blocked up poo poo out of your body. Having done this same time last year, I can attest that the human body contains a hell of a lot more poo than you can ever imagine. Just when you think it's done...oh boooooy!

My friend Teri was going to do this with me, but she gave up the 1st day at lunch time (pussy!). LOL. I am happy to report 4 pounds of gunk have come out of me today and it is only DAY ONE! Last time, Day One was really easy. its the next few days that are really trying. Therefore, I am going to do some projects. The first being the cleaning of my office. It is stocked floor to ceiling with boxes from our move, and I want to be able to have a work space for the continuation of my Master's degree and next year at work. The most beautiful part of this project is that once we get all of that crap done, we will have everything organized which Mykel and I have never been able to do because of our crazy lives and lack of time. So, thats a great project to take up my time. Today I cleaned the carpets and did some light cleaning. I was really tired and did not have that much energy, but I know thats normal so its ok. On the plus side, I have a lot of books I want to read so I will be happy to do that.

So, onto Day Two tomorrow. I am going to take the dogs to the park and let them run around in a little while once it cools off. Our house is so hot!!!
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